1. What is the MySigner Pen?

The MySigner Pen is a revolutionary new instrument that can protect people from forgery to a degree never before available. It uses a patented technology of personalized microcodes in the ink to identify the owner’s handwriting. This pen offers unprecedented security, luxury, and cutting-edge technology.

2. How does the MySigner Pen work?

The MySigner Pen has three levels of security:

a. When writing with a MySigner Pen, small dots appear in the line
of writing in a random, unrepeatable way. A copy or scan of an
original signed document will show this same unrepeatable pattern,
thus proving that the signature is original. These dots are visible
to the naked eye.

b. The dots that appear randomly in the line of writing contain
unique microcodes, which can be numbers, letters and/or symbols.

c. The ink used in MySigner Pens was developed exclusively for
MySigner and is different from all other inks.

3. Will I be able to see the microcode in the ink?

The microcodes are not visible to the naked eye, but can only be seen
under a microscope or with a powerful magnifying glass. If your signature is ever challenged, we recommend that you use the services of a professional graphologist
to prove your identity via the microcode.

4. Where can I find a recommended graphologist?

After you register your MySigner pen, a list of recommended graphologists in your area will be available in the login section of this web site.

5. Doesn't having a document notarized protect me from forgery just as well?
Yes, having a document notarized helps protect it, but there are
many cases where notaries have been bribed, and notarized documents
often wind up in court battles. Even professional graphologists can
be fooled by a good forger. The MySigner technology helps graphologists to be much more accurate when analyzing handwriting.

6. What kind of people should buy a MySigner Pen?

The MySigner Pen is ideal for anyone concerned about security, but
also for people who love cutting-edge technology and want to own one
of the most stylish, innovative products on the market. The MySigner
Pen conveys prestige and makes a wonderfully unique gift.

7. Where can I buy a MySigner Pen?

You can buy a MySigner Pen from the authorized dealers listed in the “Where to Buy” section of this web site.

8. Why do I need special paper for the MySigner Pen?

The MySigner Pen works with any type of paper. However, the
microcodes in the ink can only be seen when using the recommended
coated paper.

9. Where can I buy the recommended MySigner paper?

You can buy the recommended paper from your dealer or from the stores listed in the login section of this web site.

10. What if my MySigner Pen is lost or stolen?

If your pen is lost or stolen, please immediately report the loss in your login account of this web site. Our database will register the date on which your pen was lost or stolen, and any unauthorized use of your pen will be invalid.

11. What should I do if I find my pen again?

If you find your pen after it is lost or stolen, please immediately click the “found” button in the login section of this web site. At that time, all use of the pen will again be valid.

12. What is the warranty period for my MySigner Pen?

The warranty period for the MySigner Pen is 24 months from the date
of purchase.

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