The MySigner Pen was first conceived in the mind of its inventor in 1999, caused by the desire to provide additional security for people: to help them to reduce forgery of their signatures and make their personally identifiable information and property intact for fraudsters.

We are proud to offer this stylish and prestigious creation not only to those who are concerned about security, but to anyone who loves imaginative products featuring the latest technology. The MySigner Pen is a wonderfully unique gift.

At that time the MySigner Pen inventor was working on a project that involved transferring money using the new mobile phone technology. In his studies of security and the banking system he further realized how vulnerable he was to forgery, and thus conceived his vision of a device that would protect people's identity to a degree not yet existing in the world.

The MySigner Pen come a long way filled with breakthroughs and setbacks, meticulous research and experiments - resulting in a product that is truly revolutionary: the world's first pen using unduplicatable microcodes within the ink.
The patent process was successful, the idea received top marks and the patent office concluded this mechanism was truly novel. MySigner Pen has been patented in many countries.

In 2009 The MySigner Company began the first limited production and the first pens were eagerly bought by security organizations, members of various nations' parliaments, and individuals who valued being the first to own one of the most exciting innovations on the market.

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